What's up with this game?

Hey guys, as we came close to finishing the Lenin - The Lion, the activity here on social media pages tends to decrease, regarding images and videos - to avoid spoilers and things like that. However, I DIDN’T post here on the Itch.io page for a long time because it’s more effective to reach more followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (if you want to see news about this game, I strongly suggest you to follow Lenin - The Lion on Facebook and Twitter specifically).

Also, Lenin - The Lion is partnering with niLL - a Brazilian composer and singer (if you have never heard of it, go to Spotify / Youtube and check it out).
For Lenin - The Lion niLL composed an original song that you will listen when the game is out, A.K.A soon!

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Can't wait!

Looking forward to the full game! 

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Cool! Thx for the update, i can't wait to see more. 😚