Crowdfunding Campaign and Demo V.0.1.8!


Access it in the following link:

I hope you enjoy the rewards available and that you can help with the campaign!
For any reward over R$100 (Approx. 33 USD) there is the possibility to pay it divided in up to 3 TIMES!
And there’s a SPECIAL VALUE for the first 40 people to pledge! So hurry up and get it!

Also, the demo version 0.1.8 has a new font for the dialogues, since the last one was not so good.

Some news will be revealed during the campaign, as well as exclusive character updates and scenarios that will be posted on the Catarse page! Keep an eye on it!


Lenin -The Lion (Demo V.0.1.8).rar (116 MB)
20 days ago

Get Lenin - The Lion

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